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Summary of the School Board meeting on March 21, 2017.



 A Summary of the School Board Meeting Held on March 21, 2017


  •  At 5:00 p.m. President Bielski convened the regular meeting of the Aberdeen School Board in the Community Room at Aberdeen High School. Members present were Christi Boora and Jeff Nelson along with Superintendent Thomas Opstad and 31 patrons and staff, including members of the American Sign Language class at Aberdeen High School. Director Jamie Walsh joined the meeting in progress and Director Erin Farrer was absent.

  • The Board approved the Consent Agenda, which included the minutes from the meeting on March 7, 2017; February payroll vouchers totaling $2,911,217.10; General Fund vouchers totaling $605,624.77; ASB Fund vouchers totaling $27,580.12; a Private Purpose Trust Fund voucher in the amount of $170.00 and Capital Projects Fund vouchers totaling $9,666.25; approved a trip request for the Mathletes at Aberdeen High School to travel to Central Washington University at Ellensburg for the state competition on April 21-22 and for SkillsUSA at Aberdeen High School to travel to the state competition at Yakima on April 27-29, and accepted gifts to the District in support of Business Week from the Aberdeen Rotary Club, $6,000, Greater Grays Harbor, Inc., $2,000, Anderson-Middleton, $1,000, Sierra Pacific Foundation, $750, Ingram, Zelasko & Goodwin, $500, and Harbor Pacific Bottling and Bi-Mart, product donations.

  • President Sandra Bielski introduced Dr. Alicia Henderson, who has accepted the position of superintendent effective July 1.

  • Students in the advanced American Language Class at Aberdeen High School shared information about the program and performed “Imagine” by John Lennon.

  • Al Gozart of Harbor Architects presented an estimate of the cost to build a new roof over the grandstands at Stewart Field. Rising material costs have impacted the price. The Board discussed alternatives and Mr. Gozart will prepare an estimate for an alternative project, such as roofing a smaller section of the stands. The Board will meet at 3:30 p.m. Friday at the District Office to continue discussing options.

  • Superintendent Opstad presented information from the ESD 113 on the Workers’ Compensation rates for the 2017-2018 school year. He said the decreasing rates reflect considerable effort throughout the district to reduce injuries and time loss.

  • Superintendent Opstad provided an update on the 2017 Legislative Session.

  • Superintendent Opstad provided an update on planning for the 2017-2018 district budget.

  • Superintendent Opstad updated Board members on the 2016 audit.

  • Superintendent Opstad shared a report on the District’s free and reduced lunch rate.

  • The Board approved the Technology Plan for 2017-2020.

  • Finance Director Elyssa Louderback presented the Fiscal Status Report for February and provided an update on plans to purchase portable classroom buildings for A.J. West and Stevens elementary schools.

  • The Board adopted a resolution asking the state Board of Education to waive the 180-day school year requirement at Aberdeen High School in support of two days of parent/student conferences twice a year rather than five half-days twice during the year. The result will actually be more instructional time and is part of the school’s move to a trimester schedule.

  • The Board approved a request for continued state apportionment for Central Park Elementary School, which was closed for one day due to a water main break.

  • The Board declared as surplus a 1994 Ford pickup with 136,000 miles from the Maintenance Department.

  • The next regular meeting of the Board is set for 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 18, in the Community Room at Aberdeen High School.

  • The Board announced it will conduct a workshop at 3:30 p.m. Friday, March 24, in the Board Room of the Administration Building for the purpose of reviewing plans and cost estimates for a new roof over the grandstands at Stewart Field.

  • Following an executive session, the Board approved personnel matters.

  • The Board approved a three-year contract with Dr. Alicia Henderson to become superintendent effective July 1.

  • The Board approved the certificated staffing list for 2017-2018.